The ORA Clubhouse

Who We Are

The Ora Clubhouse is a free, community-based membership organization aimed at helping people living with and recovering from mental illness to regain a respected place in society.

The Work-Ordered Day
The Foundation of the Clubhouse Model

Our Clubhouse operates as a community where each day models a traditional workday. Members work side-by-side with Clubhouse staff to complete daily activities like preparing lunches, running our in-house bank, producing a daily news video and monthly newsletters, maintaining the Clubhouse, and assuming responsibility for attendance, billing and statistical information. Members have the opportunity to learn the needs of the Clubhouse to use their skills and abilities. By participating in the Work-Ordered Day, a sense of structure and purpose is restored in member’s lives. This sense of purpose is crucial and it’s what makes the Work-Ordered Day the operational foundation of the Clubhouse Model. Once members have fully immersed themselves in the Work-Ordered Day and are motivated with their newfound confidence, they are in a great place to start participating in the many other opportunities that The Ora Clubhouse has to offer.

Our Mission

To foster a peer-support, self-help population that rebuilds the confidence, purpose, and community of adults in mental health recovery. Ending the social and economic isolation by providing and supporting the quality of Clubhouse rehabilitation programs.

Our Vision

A world where people in recovery toward mental wellness are an integral part of our society and adding value to the economic growth of our community.

Our Objectives

  • To increase public understanding of the problems of mental health and related issues. 
  • To stimulate and encourage community collaboration that improves access to care, support, and advocacy for individuals and families experiencing behavioral mental health disorders. 
  • To support and promote activities to be in the best interest of The Ora Clubhouse and its purposes.