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Often times we may find ourselves searching for a group of people that we can rely on to support our cause and share it with a community. It is important to select individuals that have a heart for service and understand the value of our services. We have been fortunate to have selected an incredible group of community leaders who have that kind of character and so much more. It is our honor to introduce to you The Ora Clubhouse Advisory Council.

Amy Keel

Amy’s background in Fine Art really shows in her flair for life, and in her work! Amy Keel was born and raised in NY, and relocated to Sarasota FL in 1990 to study Fine Art at Ringling School of Art and Design. She went on from there to get her secondary degree in Drafting and Design Technology, and moved to Marion County in 1999 after getting married to her husband Rick. Together they have 4 children. 

Angie Rushing

Angie has been a Marion County resident since the age of 10.   Angie has strong roots in family and community.  She is a local Realtor and loves her job!  Angie has been married to her husband for 15 years and has 3 grown children.  Her hobbies include, walks on the beach, four wheeling (in the mud), photography, interior decorating, shopping, and camping. Angie is devoted to God and Family! 


Gerri Gerthe
Regina Lewis

Regina A. Lewis has worked for the improvement of the courts system in Marion County since 2000.  Regina was a member of the team that led the planning and launch of a Mental Health Court for Marion County in 2009 and a Veterans Treatment Court in 2012. Currently Regina is the Court Alternatives Administrative Manager supervising staff for Mental Health Court, Veterans Treatment Court, DUI Court, and Misdemeanor/Felony Diversion Drug Court. These county courts work to divert non-violent defendants with from active criminal prosecution in the Marion County Court to appropriate community-based treatment and support services to best protect public safety, reduce recidivism and help those defendants to build successful lives.